Merlee Jayme, is a member of the AME’s Advisory Council, a group of respected leaders who together lend their creative insights, industry expertise and global perspective to the AME Awards team.

She is the first Filipino to be awarded: The Creative of the Year for Southeast Asia in the Campaign Asia Pacific Agency of the Year.

Merlee is “Chairmom” and Chief Creative Officer of Dentsu Jayme Syfu and the only woman in the 20 top creative directors in ASIA as reported by Campaign brief Asia. Under her leadership, Dentsu Jayme Syfu has already been named the 2016 Creative Agency of the Year Philippines by Campaign Asia and the inaugural SPIKES ASIA Country Agency of the Year 2017 and recently, The 4As Agency of the Year Best in Creative 2018. Her works push Insights and innovation. She has won major awards that include a Cannes Lion Grand Prix for Mobile, Grand CLIO, NYF Grand Awards, D&AD yellow and wood pencils and just last June, a Gold and Silver Lion for Green Peace “Dead Whale”.

She is CEO of MamaLab – a network of moms from Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia and Japan, to create great ideas that truly understand moms. One of CNN’s Leading Women, she initiated the #sistergood project in the office to inspire women leadership. A creative at heart, she wrote and illustrated an inspiring handbook “Everyone Can Be Creative”. Merlee is also a mom to 4 beautiful girls, and an inspiration in breaking the glass ceiling in this mad men’s world.

Effective Perspective spent a few minutes with this award-winning influencer asking her to share her insights on what campaign’s she’s most proud of, her creative process, why industry awards are important and more.

AME Awards: Why did you agree to participate on the AME Advisory Council?

Merlee Jayme: It is a privilege to be part of a group that upholds creativity that gives results.

AME Awards: As a strategic creative, what stand-out attributes do you recognize in award-winning creative and effective advertising…what do ads that have taken the brief and turned it into campaign that transforms opinions, evokes action and raises the bar for the brand have in common?

Merlee Jayme: A challenging marketing problem, a brilliant strategy that answers this problem, mostly guided by data, lead to an insightful and inspiring creative and effective work.

AME Awards: In your personal work what are the hallmarks of creative and strategic success? What measurably effective campaign are you most proud of?

Merlee Jayme: I am proud of work that changed how consumers think. Especially, the world’s favorite target market: Mothers. They are pretty close to my heart.

A.     Fonterra’s Anmum Materna, the maternal milk:

The problem? Expecting women would rather drink ordinary milk. They’re more accustomed to the taste of ordinary milk plus they think drinking Anmum with all the nutrition perfect for baby, will make them gain weight. The campaign urged pregnant women to put their baby’s welfare over their personal issues. So, we created the “9-month date” trimester campaign. The spokesperson of the film was a cute animated baby inside Mommy’s tummy. Suddenly, Moms imagined the baby inside them. How much they need the right nutrition as they were growing inside -month per month. Given a small budget, I even asked my daughter to lend her voice for the baby. The films got 150 million views worldwide. Product trial went up by 81%. Being purely digital, the strategy had 371% reach.

B.     Breeze “The Good Experiment”:

The problem? Globally, Breeze is called OMO. The campaign is all about “Dirt is good”.

In the Philippines, Moms are having a hard time understanding this proposition. For them, a dirty child is a naughty child. What’s worse, it reflects back to her as ‘bad mothering’.

So, we latched on “good children” and the insight “It is easier to wash away the dirt than it is to bring up a good child”. In a real-life experiment, we asked Moms to pick up their children from school. They had the shock of their lives when their children came out one by one all muddied and dirty. Hidden cameras caught them scolding their children. Then eventually, having a change of heart when a monitor shows the real story behind the dirt. Their children faced a test when an old janitor needed help with muddy pots. 6 out 10 children helped the old man and carried the pots. Suddenly, Dirt became a badge of goodness and source of pride.

“Dirt is good” finally became relevant to moms. From a 4th brand, Breeze was catapulted to number two.

AME Awards: How do advertising/marketing awards that focus exclusively on Effectiveness, like AME help set the standard of excellence within the industry?

Merlee Jayme: AME rewards brand campaigns with genuine results. The ones that created relevance to consumers. The ones that changed their habits, way of thinking, and feelings toward the brand. The ones that created brand love. It celebrates creativity- not just for creativity’s sake. It proves that creativity has the power to build brands.

AME Awards: Tell us about your process of creating and delivering creative and effective results. Are your ideas inspired or do they come together as the result of a collective brainstorming session with your team?

Merlee Jayme: It starts with a very good strategy. Now days, everyone has a say in the strategy. This role is not just given to planners and business leads. Data is mined. The problem is dissected. Creatives even join in, as we finalized the directions. During brainstorming, we involve a bigger group, including digital technologists, social media experts. This way, ideas can come from anywhere.

AME Awards: Are industry awards important and if so, what’s the ROI (value added besides a trophy) for entering?

Merlee Jayme: Beyond trophies, awards like the AME make creativity important to clients. They begin to appreciate brilliant work. Eventually, mediocrity is unacceptable to them. After all, it proves that creativity is indeed effective to their business.

Read more at: https://www.ameawards.com/effective-perspective-2/effective-perspective-spotlight-merlee-jayme-dhsta

London International Awards is gearing up for October 4th – 8th when its Creative LIAisons program will take place in Las Vegas.

LIAisons is designed to be a creative oasis in an industry that is in danger of focusing less and less on its creative output. LIA stands for the work and those who make it.

Creative LIAisons is a five-day program funded by London International Awards, as a way to give back to the creative community. There are no delegate fees and LIA pays flights and hotel accommodations. As a result, the attendance is extremely competitive. LIA can only accommodate 120 delegates, with preference given, of course, to agencies, organizations and publications that support their awards.

This year there are 16 attendees that will represent Asia.

They are (above left to right):
– Sam Chow, Senior Art Director, Cheil Hong Kong, Hong Kong
– Hyobeen Bang, Art Director, Daehong Communications, Seoul
– Soleil Beatriz Badenhop, Copywriter, Dentsu Jayme Syfu, Makati City
– Williana Chen, Art Director, MullenLowe Singapore

Above left to right:
– Michelle Ann Edu, Associate Creative Director, BBDO Guerrero, Makati City
– Reuben James Fermin, Art Director, Blackpencil / Leo Burnett Group, Manila
– Satoshi Ichishima, Copywriter, ADK Creative One, Tokyo
– Taira Ishikawa, Art Director, Dentsu, Osaka

Above left to right:
– Issei Ishikura, Copywriter, Hakuhodo, Tokyo
– Shingo Isobe, Chief Designer, POLA Inc., Tokyo
– Hee Jin Jin, Copywriter, Cheil Worldwide, Seoul
– Nattapat Jitrungruengnij, Art Director, Dentsu One Bangkok

Above left to right:
– Jason Samuel, Creative Supervisor, FCB ULKA, Mumbai
– Abhishek Sharma, Senior Copywriter, Asatsu-DK-Fortune, Gurgaon
– Esha Tiwari, Copy Supervisor, Isobar India, Gurgaon
– Reema Trehan, Junior Art Director, MullenLowe Singapore

“The aim of Creative LIAisons is to unite the advertising world’s best thinkers, work, and up and coming talent, and we couldn’t be more excited to have attendees from all over Asia,” stated Barbara Levy, President of LIA. “This year we have added a day to the program so that we can accommodate some new workshops. We are looking forward to meeting all the attendees in October.”

Creative LIAisons is an annual program open to creatives, and creatives only.

The week provides ample opportunity to meet and mingle with the luminaries from advertising, design, digital, health, production and technology. Unlike other festivals our size, environment and events are designed for juniors to enjoy unfettered access to the leaders of the industry.

In all there will be 120 creatives aged 21-30 years from 25 countries travelling to Las Vegas to participate in Creative LIAisons.

See more here.

Read more at: https://campaignbriefasia.com/2019/08/15/meet-the-16-young-creatives-that-will-represent-asia-at-lia-creative-liaisons-2019/

Spikes Asia has announced Merlee Jayme as this year’s Jury President for Outdoor and Radio & Audio. She will be accompanied by an astounding line up for judges who will help her in choosing this year’s shortlists and winners under the Outdoor and Radio & Audio category.

Jayme is the first Filipino to be awarded The Creative of the Year for Southeast Asia in the Campaign Asia Pacific Agency of the Year. One of only 8 women in the 100 best Chief Creative Officers in the world, based on the Drum global ranking in 2019.

Under her leadership, Dentsu Jayme Syfu has already been named the 2016 Creative Agency of the Year Philippines by Campaign Asia and the inaugural SPIKES ASIA Country Agency of the Year 2017 and recently, The 4As Agency of the Year Best in Creative 2018. Her works, pushing Insights and innovation, have won major awards that include the Philippines only Cannes Lion Grand Prix, and D&AD yellow pencils. She has also led her agency to win the total sparkling portfolio of Coca-Cola, Nestle, Shell fuels and Wyeth.

“The outdoor category has been a battle ground for space, cultural contexts, activations, interactions. Beautiful crafting, relevant messaging, well thought of pieces seamlessly demonstrating a brand promise, all lead to this impact. One that builds genuine connections and great conversations on ground and online,” states the “Chairmom” and Chief Creative Officer of Dentsu Jayme Syfu and the only woman in the 20 top creative directors in ASIA as reported by Campaign brief Asia.

The“Theater of the Mind”- a jargon used for radio in the past, celebrated sound to produce vivid imagery in people’s minds. This has definitely evolved to a mind blowing experience. I am prepared to close my eyes and listen to beautifully written emotional, funny, witty and intelligent stories. For Spikes Asia, I am prepared to immerse myself in this world of sound that is created with unimaginable combination of technology and sound design, giving justice to the“sounds of Asia” and beyond.”

Jayme is a sought-after international speaker and an opinion leader, she is CEO of MamaLab- a network of moms from Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia and Japan, to create great ideas that truly understand moms.

Full lineup of speakers here.

Read more at: https://www.adobomagazine.com/global-news/spikes-asia-2019-merlee-jayme-named-spikes-asia-jury-president-for-outdoor-and-radio-audio/

Clio jurors offer their thoughts on what’s next

CABO SAN LUCAS, Mexico—We’re in Cabo this week at judging for the 2019 Clio Awards. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Clios this year, we’re asking all the jurors for their thoughts on the future of creativity—in 60 words or less. 

We start today with Debbi Vandeven of VMLY&R, Malcolm Poynton of Cheil Worldwide, Merlee Cruz-Jayme of Dentsu Jayme Syfu, Tobias Ahrens of Scholz & Friends, and John Mescall of McCann Worldwide.

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Debbi Vandeven
Global Chief Creative Officer, VMLY&R

As channel options and ways to engage with consumers continue expanding, we’ll need to be more curious as creatives. Looking for inventive ways to tell brand stories will be key. In the best cases, we’ll be able to make the world a better place by inspiring human connection and crafting campaigns, content, platforms and experiences that solve problems for people.

Malcolm Poynton
Global Chief Creative Officer, Cheil Worldwide

Advertising used to simply flog stuff.

Advertising used to rank alongside used car salesmen. (Yep, mostly they were “men.”)

Advertising used to be about consumption.

Advertising is now reshaping consumption and societies.

Advertising is now as powerful as many governments.

Advertising is now about moving people to buy, act, participate and, sometimes, to not buy.

Advertising’s never looked so good.

Merlee Cruz-Jayme
Chairmom and Chief Creative Officer, Dentsu Jayme Syfu

The future of creativity belongs to the brave.

They develop innovation for humanity, not for commercial gain.
Analyze data to identify consumer needs, but use the heart in reaching out to them.

Engage people with content in unexplored formats, breaking all media rules.

Create solutions to world problems despite unpopular following.

Push diversity in hiring and creating to celebrate culture-changing ideas.

Tobias Ahrens
Managing Director, Creation, and Partner, Scholz & Friends

As products become more and more similar, it’s up to the brand to make the difference. I firmly believe our industry will no longer be focused on communicating certain product attributes, but on helping brands behave like a true friend of the consumer—someone we like to have around us because they know what’s important and relevant to us.

John Mescall
Global Executive Creative Director, McCann Worldgroup

The future of creativity will be the fight to preserve humanity in the face of technology, efficiency, productivity, algorithms and artificial intelligence.

Tim Nudd

Tim Nudd is editor in chief of the Clio Awards.

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Read more at: https://musebycl.io/clio60/future-creativity-60-words-or-less-part-1

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