Campaign Spotlight Campaign Spotlight: Coca-Cola’s refreshing way to acknowledge Philippines’ first time Voters

The  Commission of Elections’ data showed millennials & Gen Z constituted MORE THAN HALF or 53.2% of all registered voters for last Monday’s elections. This was a far cry from the youth of the past. Today, Filipino teens are increasingly “woke”. This is seen in their social media posts – for the environment, social issues and most of all, political leadership. They want to be part of the electoral exercise that will determine the course of the country’s future.

To celebrate this, Coca-Cola Philippines and their agency partner Dentsu Jayme Syfu acknowledged the youth with upliftment and mark their valuable participation in this year’s elections.

Last May 13, on elections day, a special activation welcomed them as they voted: The “Coke Ink Up Drink Up” – A special vending machine that celebrated first time voters.

After first-time voters cast their ballots, semi-permanent, indelible ink is applied to their forefingers supposedly to prevent electoral fraud such as double voting. On their way to the exit, they are invited to stand in front of the Coke “ink up drink up” vending machine.

Facing the screen, they have to hold their finger high like “a number 1” – to signify that they are first time voters. This triggers the machine to dispense a Coke bottle. The screen captures this image and shares it in social media.

Coca-Cola wants to recognize the youth’s involvement with renewed optimism.

As the famous Dr. Jose Rizal line goes, “The youth is the hope of our future”, definitely this brand is one with the youth in wanting to uplift the nation. Now, teens and millennials have tasted the feeling of having their votes count.


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