Meet the Momillennials

Just when we thought we’ve figured out the psyche of millennials, here comes another tough market to penetrate. Who are these Momillennials? Being one of the most coveted demographic groups in the eyes of modern marketers, millennial moms are a source of great economic power. However, it is not easy to understand the way they think, act and purchase.For one, it is important to note that millennial moms are completely different from their own mothers.

Merlee Jayme heads Dentsu’s MamaLab, a specialist agency by moms for moms, in Asia Pacific. Every member of this agency passionately strives to be successful in both home and at work –committed to make this world a better place for other moms. Her talk will finally figure out what makes Momillennials different. What marketing campaigns work? What doesn’t work? What makes them tick? She will showcase some of the best campaigns from Dentsu that are strong on insights and innovation that perfectly touch every Momillennial’s mind and heart.


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