Campaign Spotlight: MASTER warns guys to prepare for the worst this Halloween with Dentsu Jayme Syfu’s campaign #ArawNgMgaPatayNaPatay

MANILA – Two weeks before Halloween, netizens were spooked on social media by a spine-chilling film of three guys recounting their uncommon horror stories. This was part of Master Philippines’ Halloween campaign #ArawNgMgaPatayNaPatay—a creepy yet campy storytelling of guys’ daily death-defying encounters with their die-hard admirers.

It stars Pambansang Bae, Alden Richards in a cobwebbed room wearing a classic Pinoy horror barong where he introduces the “horrific” experiences of three guys: JP Galvez, Julius Reyes, and Carl Vergara.

The film links out to an online generator where people can find out for themselves who among their Facebook friends are “Patay na Patay” over their good looks.

The campaign is consistent with Master’s irreverent and refreshing approach. People immediately shared it and tagged their friends whom they felt could relate.

Last June, Master Philippines also launched Pimple Awareness Month which featured a tongue-in-cheek PSA video with Alden leading guys to a revolution against pimples.

By showcasing humor, Master and Dentsu Jayme Syfu have made the brand more memorable and endearing to young men and their admirers. Now, more and more guys are in on the ultimate secret— ‘Sikreto Ng Mga Gwapo.’


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