Dentsu JaymeSyfu on winning Campaign Asia’s 2016 Philippine Agency of the Year

When Dentsu Jayme Syfu was formed in 2015, winning awards seemed uncertain for the new agency. However, all were proved wrong when they were named Campaign Asia’s 2016 Philippine agency of the year in just less than a year of merging.

One wonders…how did Dentsu Jayme Syfu bag such an award, considering it’s still in the process of adjusting and pitching for new clients?

Bringing together people with diverse talents and assets created a powerful balance within the company that lifted each of their strengths. These skills were then translated into work that changed lives and inspired many.

Chairmom Merlee Cruz-Jayme, said “You cannot have the same powers (in an agency.) Each individual in the office must have something only they can offer. A trademark, perhaps.”

To answer the question on how they won –

Maybe it wasn’t because of a familiar environment, amount of clients or brand pitches won. But rather the work produced out of strong and hard-driven passion.

Even after a fruitful win, Dentsu Jayme Syfu continues to strive harder and discover more of their powers, soon to be used for something even greater.

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