Touching Filipino ad examines the anxieties of coming out to your parents on Facebook


A bold new ad in the Philippines succinctly breaks down what it feels like for people in the closet who have to keep their personal lives separate from family.

The ad from local phone company Smart Communications shows a guy who’s received a friend request on Facebook from his dad. He thumbs through his timeline, which is full of pictures of him and his male partner, before putting the phone away.

Later, he’s speechless during a family gathering when his dad asks him why he hasn’t accepted his friend request.

Eventually, he texts his father: “Dad, I’ve accepted you.”

And his father texts back simply: “Me too, my son.”

The Philippines is majority Roman Catholic, and most maintain conservative attitudes regarding LGBTQ issues. In February, boxing star and political hopeful Manny Pacquiao came under fire for describing gay people as “worse than animals.”




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