Breeze Philippines wants moms to #SeeTheGood in dirt


From the Philippines: ‘See The Good’ for Unilever Philippines by Dentsu Jayme Syfu

A new campaign, launched on 21 June, for detergent brand Breeze in Philippines by Dentsu Jayme Syfu is asking mothers to not freak out if they see their child covered in dirt. The video features a social experiment, with mothers waiting to collect their children from school, only to be met with their little boy or girl covered in dirt. The initial reactions of disapproval quickly gets emotional after it is revealed to the mothers via a video monitor, the reason their child got covered in dirt. In less than a week, the video has already racked up more than 500,000 views on YouTube.  Campaign Asia-Pacific’s view: We really enjoyed this film, which does a great job setting up the premise for the grand reveal, which had this writer sniffling at her desk. It certainly brought back memories of motherly disapproval around coming home with a dirty school uniform – though admittedly, it was for playing in a muddy field and not helping someone in need. We also like how it showcases how dirty clothes isn’t always a bad thing, a message that works quite well for a detergent brand.





Client: Unilever Philippines
Agency: Dentsu Jayme Syfu
CCO/Copywriter: Merlee Jayme
Copywriter: Gian Nealega
Art director: Benci Vidanes
Accounts: Ronald Barreiro, Lieza Punsalan
Director: Jelise Chung
Producer: Jem Lim, Danise Talaba
Production House: Straight Shooters
Audio production: Hit Productions


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A bold new ad in the Philippines succinctly breaks down what it feels like for people in the closet who have to keep their personal lives separate from family.

The ad from local phone company Smart Communications shows a guy who’s received a friend request on Facebook from his dad. He thumbs through his timeline, which is full of pictures of him and his male partner, before putting the phone away.

Later, he’s speechless during a family gathering when his dad asks him why he hasn’t accepted his friend request.

Eventually, he texts his father: “Dad, I’ve accepted you.”

And his father texts back simply: “Me too, my son.”

The Philippines is majority Roman Catholic, and most maintain conservative attitudes regarding LGBTQ issues. In February, boxing star and political hopeful Manny Pacquiao came under fire for describing gay people as “worse than animals.”




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CANNES – Dentsu Jayme Syfu CEO and Chairmom, Merlee Jayme is taking the Lions Health stage on June 19 at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Her talk, ‘The Science Behind a Mother’s Instinct’ will zero in on the importance of understanding the mommy instinct for health providers, pharmaceutical marketing people and advertising agencies. As the main decision for her family’s health, the talk will highlight how every health and wellness brand should consider her as their primary target market.

She will be showcasing some of the best mother campaigns all over the world that “perfectly touched her instinct.”

Merlee is the first Filipino to be awarded The Creative of the Year for Southeast Asia in the Campaign Asia Pacific Agency of the Year 2013. She is the only woman in the top 20 Creative Directors in Asia, at number 4 in the Campaign Brief Asia Ranking for 2014.

Working as a creative for 25 years, she has also been recognized with The Hall of Fame Award from the Creative Guild of the Philippines, and the New York Festivals Creative Achievement Award. She was also featured as one of CNN’s Leading Women of 2015.

The small shop she founded 10 years ago: DM9 Jayme Syfu, is the Philippines’ no. 1 in last year’s Campaign Brief Asia Ranking and the very first Campaign Asia Pacific Creative Agency of the Year.

Aside from the impressive number of metals from local and international Awards in the past years, ‘the small shop of 33 people’ is known worldwide for Smart Txtbks, the award-winning idea of transforming used SIM cards and old GSM phones into a new kind of textbook for poor schoolchildren.

This idea won for agency and country a string of many ‘first’ awards that include: A Cannes Lion GRAND PRIX for Mobile, a Spikes Grand Prix, a D&AD Pencil, a Gold Andy, a New York Festival Grand Prize and a Grand CLIO.

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