Dentsu JaymeSyfu digital team dominates Young Lions print competition

What would happen if you send a Digital team to a Print Ad competition? What would sound like a bad industry joke turned out to be a victorious stint for Dentsu JaymeSyfu’s Cathy Poblete and Francesca Veneracion in the Creative Guild of the Philippines’ Young Lions competition last April 8, 2016.

Working on a brief that would ask people to do their part in solving the traffic problem in Metro Manila, competition first-timers Poblete and Veneracion overwhelmingly won the jury’s (composed of ECDs and CDs from various agencies) approval with work that “clearly stood out”, according to one of the judges. Both are art directors for Digit, Dentsu JaymeSyfu’s digital arm.

With their win, they will be the Philippines’ representative to the Young Lions Press competition to be held from June 19 to 20, 2016 at Cannes, France.

Chairmom and COO Merlee Jayme said “Cathy and Cesca being digital proved not to be a disadvantage but instead, it injected freshness to a traditional medium.”

It was also a double celebration for Dentsu JaymeSyfu as art director Miel Soneza and copywriter Irish Bautista got 2nd place in the same competition.

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