Jollibee Philippines appoints Dentsu Digit as digital agency on record

In less than two weeks from announcing their marquee win, Dentsu JaymeSyfu today has announced their second win for 2016. Citing the agency’s passion for the brand and the breakthrough digital ideas presented during the pitch, Jollibee Philippines has awarded Digital Agency on Record duties to Dentsu Digit.

The partnership will see Dentsu Digit create a social strategy for Jollibee, the Philippines’ biggest fast-food chain known for its “Chickenjoy”, Jolly Spaghetti, “Yum burger” and its famous bee mascot. As Jollibee continues to make its presence felt and spread the joy of eating in other parts of the globe, the highly awarded digital agency is tasked to handle the challenge of giving the brand a strong digital presence.

A dominant market leader in the Philippines, Jollibee enjoys the lion’s share of the local market that is more than all the other multinational brands combined. The company has also recently embarked on an aggressive international expansion plan in the USA, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Brunei and Singapore, firmly establishing itself as a growing international quick service restaurant player.

“We were unanimous in our decision that Dentsu Digit presented the best point of view among all the participating agencies,” shared Francis Flores, Brand Chief Marketing Officer, Jollibee Global and Head of Marketing for Jollibee Philippines. “We look forward to working with them to help make Jollibee a trailblazer when it comes to digital marketing and innovations and establish a deeper relationship with our customers.”

Merlee Jayme, CEO and Chairmom of Dentsu JaymeSyfu, expressed her joy at the news of the announcement. “Jollibee has always been a dream account. With our strength in integration and Dentsu’s innovation, we would definitely bring Jollibee’s digital assets to a higher level and I’m sure everyone will have fun working on this brand.”

The team has already started immersing themselves in the brand. Working on both the corporate and product campaigns, Dentsu Digit’s Executive Creative Director Jerry Hizon cannot help but feel excited on the win: “We all grew up with Jollibee. Imagine the joy (no pun intended) we are feeling now that we have the opportunity to create insightful and interactive digital experiences for such an iconic Filipino brand.”

Dentsu Digit is headed by Managing Director Carlo Ople. For him, the love for the brand “showed in the work that we presented during the pitch. Everyone was so excited and passionate with their ideas! We look forward to helping them become a digital trailblazer and pioneer.”

Dentsu Digit is the fully integrated digital arm of Dentsu JaymeSyfu. It was acquired by Dentsu Aegis Network in December 2015.

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The Dentsu JaymeSyfu pitch team that won 13 Unilever digital accounts

MANILA – The excitement of earning new business is a feeling that every advertising agency yearns to have. For an agency that was in the middle of some changes in ownership, the securing of new business becomes an even greater source of pride. That was the situation that Dentsu JaymeSyfu found itself in when Unilever invited a few select agencies to pitch in November 2015.

While the then-DM9 JaymeSyfu was in the middle of being acquired by Dentsu Aegis Network, the agency was one of the few agencies invited to pitch for Unilever’s above the line business. Meanwhile, their digital arm, Dentsu Digit, was one of several agencies that pitched for Unilever’s digital business.

Dentsu JaymeSyfu Chairmom and Chief Creative Officer Merlee Jayme told adobo that the key strength of their pitch was “integration, demonstrated in our work and in the process we do our work.” She added that, “For 2016, Unilever’s move to consider digital as a key channel was apparent. They (Unilever) are also looking at a synergy in their ATL and digital efforts.”

Despite not being a “club agency,” the portfolio of Dentsu JaymeSyfu was impressive enough that Unilever invited them to make their pitch for the ATL business. “You earn this honor,” Jayme shares. “It’s always about the powerful work and the people. With my experience, we were never handed accounts on a silver platter. We worked hard for each one we have.”

As a result of those efforts, Dentsu JaymeSyfu earned lead creative duties beginning in the second quarter of 2016 for Creamsilk, Surf, Breeze, Sunlight, Cif, and Cleanipedia. Meanwhile, Dentsu Digit was named digital AOR for those brands as well as Master, Axe, Eskinol, Block and White, Selecta, and Magnum. An impressive haul if there ever was one.

With the pitch occuring in late 2015, the agency could have easily pulled in any of their “big guns” to see to it that the pitch would be perfect. Surprisingly however, that was not the case. “Only the agency’s mancom presented on this pitch,” Jayme notes before adding, “We didn’t let it ruin everyone’s holidays.”

Now that the business has been won, the hard part begins for the agency. Rather than shirk away from the challenge though, Jayme and Dentsu JaymeSyfu welcome what Unilver brings. “This pitch signals the exciting year ahead of us,” she says with optimism. “The infusion of new blood definitely brings out the hunger, the passion, and the energy from us. It totally feels like ‘dejafu.’”

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